Case Studies

One of the best ways to understand measurement and verification of energy savings is to learn from examples. Several sources of case studies and related materials are listed below.

California SPC Program Case Studies
Several example M&V Plans are included in Appendix G of the California Utility Standard Performance Contract (SPC) Program M&V Guidelines. Included in this document is M&V Plan Template, along with example M&V plans for a VSD Installation, Constant Speed Chiller Replacement, Variable Speed Chiller Replacement, and Calibrated Simulation.

FEMP Case Studies:
A review of the M&V used at seven SuperESPC project sites in the western region is summarized in this case study: Application of FEMP M&V Guidelines on Super ESPC Projects: Observations and Recommendations.

Fictional M&V Case Study -This power point presentation takes you through the details of negotiating a measurement & verification plan at a fictional FEMP SuperESPC project site.