Operations & Maintenance

In federal Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs), operations and maintenance (O&M) is critical to maintaining the performance of the installed equipment and to achieving the guaranteed energy savings for the often 15-20 year term of the ESPC.

Planning and Reporting for Operations & Maintenance in Federal Energy Saving Performance Contracts provides guidance on allocating O&M and repair and replacement (R&R) responsibilities and putting in place O&M reporting requirements
during ESPC project development . The goal is to minimize disagreements between federal agencies and ESCOs over O&M and R&R and to help ensure that savings persist during the contract term. The document has been developed to provide guidance on allocating responsibilities and instituting proper O&M procedures in all ESPCs. In cases where specific examples are warranted, this document refers to O&M sections of the Federal Energy Management Program’s (FEMP’s) contractual and reporting documents, although the concepts are applicable in other Federal ESPC programs as well.

FEMP has spent a great deal of effort developing programs and materials to facilitate best practice operations and maintenance activities in federal facilities, to ensure occupant comfort, equipment reliability and energy efficiency, as well as to increase O&M staff skills.

Determine and Verify OM Savings in Federal ESPCs (Draft document) under development for O&M Savings Determination Working Group of the Federal ESPC Steering Committee. Key items identified discussed are baseline documentation, savings calculation methods, and verification of O&M and R&R savings.