Quality Assurance Tools

M&V plan review Instructions offer a framework for implementing uniform and consistent reviews of M&V plans for federal ESPC projects. These procedures will help provide uniform review approaches for M&V plans, not only to promote harmonized review processes, but also to enable centralized tracking of project metrics. (Alpha version of the M&V plan evaluator excel tool is available at the bottom of the page for download, we would appreciate any feedback on this tool.)

Reviewing Post-Installation and Annual ESPC Project Reports provides detailed guidance on conducting a technical review of the Annual Report and Post-Installation Report submitted for a Super ESPC project.

Agency Witnessing Guidelines provides recommended procedures for government agencies in witnessing baseline, post-installation, first-year, and annual measurement and verification (M&V) inspections and analyses.  Agencies are urged to designate individual(s) to observe these inspections, review the resulting M&V reports by the ESCO, and certify in writing that those reports are acceptable to the agency.  It is further recommended that this witnessing and approval be integrated with the processing of payment to the ESCO.

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