M&V Retrofit Isolation Option Selector

Selecting a retrofit isolation option (Option A or Option B), requires some measurements or monitoring of load or schedule characteristics. This application (based on BPA's verification by equipment or end-use metering protocol) provides background information to help users develop measurement strategies for their projects. 

The operational characteristics can be classified into following categories:

  1. Constant Load, Timed Schedule (CLTS) 
  2. Constant Load, Variable Schedule (CLVS) 
  3. Variable Load, Timed Schedule (VLTS)
  4. Variable Load, Variable Schedule (VLVS)

Selecting the retrofit isolation option involves:

  1. Identify baseline operation category
  2. Determine impact of ECM
    1. Changes load, changes schedule
    2. Changes load or schedule from constant to variable
  3. Identify post-installation operation category
  4. Select equation, define analysis procedureDetermine relationships between load & hours-of-use, and other parameters
  5. Collect baseline and post-install data
  6. Calculate savings

You may also want to refer to ASHRAE G14, BPA's Verification by Equipment or End-Use Metering Protocol.