M&V Option Selector

The M&V protocol mandated for projects conducted under the ESPC is the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) M&V Guidelines: Measurement and Verification for Federal Energy Projects. The FEMP Guidelines are an application of the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP). 

M&V approaches are divided into two general types: retrofit isolation and whole-facility. Retrofit isolation methods look only at the affected equipment or system independent of the rest of the facility; whole-facility methods consider the total energy use and de-emphasize specific equipment performance. One primary difference in these approaches is where the boundary of the energy conservation measure is drawn.  All energy used within the boundary must be considered. Options A and B are retrofit isolation methods; Option C is a whole-facility method; Option D can be used as either, but is usually applied as a whole-facility method.

This application (adapted from IPMVP 2012 Vol 1) is intended to identify an M&V option based on responses to few questions about the energy conservation measure/project that's being considered for evaluation. The selection of an IPMVP Option is a decision that is made by the designer of the M&V program for each project, based on the full set of project conditions, analysis, budgets and professional judgment.
*Some of the questions and the logic has been slightly altered.