Interactive Tools

These interactive tools are created to help aid the M&V process. The M&V Option Selector helps to identify a given M&V option (Option A, B, C or D) based on responses to few questions about the M&V application. The M&V Retrofit Isolation Option Selector further refines the selection process and helps to select a given retrofit isolation option (Option A or B) based on the extent to which the energy conservation measure effects the energy consumption.

The M&V Generator tools help create a M&V plan based on responses to few questions. The generated M&V Plan (will be a Google doc) can be in different formats - FEMP ESPC M&V Plan format, a modified M&V plan format, or a more abridged version of M&V Plan or can be a very specific measure like Lighting M&V Plan format. These tools are intended to streamline the creation of M&V plan in a standardized format. 

All these tools are created using Google Apps Script Environment. You must be signed into Google Docs for the M&V Plan Generators to work. The generated M&V will be placed into your Google docs/drive folder.